Mississippi  AT&T Pioneers
Cookbook Order Form

Mississippi Pioneers cookbooks make a perfect gift for holidays,
weddings, anniversaries and birthdays!

Order as many of our cookbooks as you wish for the prices shown below(shipping is included).
Orders must be paid in US currency and checks must be drawn on a US bank.
Please make checks payable to
AT&T Pioneers and allow two-four weeks for delivery.

Print and complete the order form and mail it to:

Mississippi Pioneers Chapter #36
209 E Capitol St
Room 114W
            Jackson, Mississippi 39201                                               

Please specify quantity of books desired:

________Bell’s Best – Volume 1 (yellow cover)           $16.00      $__________

________Bell’s Best – Volume 3 (blue cover)             $16.00       $__________

________Bell’s Best – Volume 4 (silver cover)            $16.00       $__________

________Best of the Best from Bell’s Best                   $19.00        $__________

________Going Wild (green cover)                              $9.00        $__________

________Total # of Books Ordered                  

                          Amount Enclosed   $__________

Shipping Address (please print):
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Telephone Number:

Or you may phone in your order to