AT&T Pioneers Moving Forward
                      2013 National Conference

The AT&T Pioneers held its first National Pioneer Conference in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, March 1 and March 2, 2013.

Over 300 attendees representing chapters and clubs from across the county came to the conference with its theme being “AT&T
Pioneers Moving Forward”.

From our first guest speaker, Marshall M Criser III, President of AT&T in Florida, who acknowledged the great work of the Pioneers to
the conference presentations and informative breakout sessions that provided the strategic goals to Move the AT&T Pioneers Forward,
the conference was a great success.

The AT&T Pioneers want to also thank our other Special Guests Janiece Evans-Page, AVP-Community Engagement, AT&T Services,
Inc., Charlene Hill, Executive Director, TelecomPioneers and J. Michael Sears, Chairman of the Board, Pioneers for their attendance and
support throughout the conference.

During the conference, community service projects were held to support GROWS Literacy Council Inc., Adult Literacy League Inc.,
Sleeping Mats for the Homeless and Flags for Military and Veterans.

More information and pictures will be forth-coming.

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the conference:

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Contribution to support annual “Beach Bash” at the New Jersey Shore

    BEDMINSTER, NJ (March 6, 2013)  — AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) announced an AT&T CARES
    contribution of $5,000 to Autism Family Services of New Jersey, a nonprofit organization
    that is dedicated to ensuring a better quality of life for individuals and their families affected
    by autism and related disorders from diagnosis throughout adulthood.
    The contribution is part of a special initiative that awards local funding based on the
    nominations of AT&T employee groups. The AT&T CARES Special Contribution Program,
    established in 2007, gives employee groups with a strong record of volunteerism the ability
    to identify non-profits making a local impact. This year, through the nominations of AT&T
    Pioneer chapters, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and international regions, AT&T
    plans to provide $235,000 in contributions to 47 organizations.
    The contribution from AT&T will support the organization’s annual “Beach Bash,” which is
    the only program of its kind in New Jersey. This event is free for families and addresses
    several needs in one community event. At the event, families have the opportunity to
    network with others living with autism and they can participate in a variety of other activities
    that allow children and families to enjoy their visits to New Jersey’s shores. The Beach Bash
    has grown from 75 attendees in 2005 to over 5,000 attendees in 2012.
“AT&T and the AT&T Pioneers are long-standing supporters who have left their imprint on many of our programs and have helped to
provide direct services to countless families across New Jersey.  Autism Family Services of New Jersey is truly grateful for this
meaningful partnership,” said Eric M. Joice, Executive Director, Autism Family Services of New Jersey.
“AT&T employees strive to give back to the communities where we live and work,” said Michael Hickey, an AT&T employee in New
Jersey and president of the AT&T Pioneers Chapter 139, which championed this contribution. “We believe Autism Family Services of NJ
does tremendous work on behalf of children with autism, and we’re proud to support the Beach Bash and their other efforts.”
Autism Family Services of New Jersey was selected by Chapter 139 of the AT&T Pioneers.  Chapter 139 has been supporting AFSNJ
for six years, and this year collaborated with the ERG oxyGEN  NJ, bringing in even more volunteers.  
At AT&T, Community Engagement means engaging employees to build strong, connected, and thriving communities. It’s designing tools
and initiatives that unleash human capabilities to create a healthy business environment and ensure that we listen to and support the
communities in which we operate. Employee volunteerism programs are part of the platform of initiatives provided by AT&T Community
Engagement for employees to volunteer, give money, and engage in issues facing the communities where we do business. Each year,
approximately 300,000 AT&T employees and retirees take time to enhance their communities.  In 2011, employees and retirees,
including the AT&T Pioneers and ERGs, donated six million hours of time to community outreach activities – worth more than $133
For more information about the AT&T Pioneers, visit: